Saturday, May 12, 2012

How much Caffeine in Green Tea

When green tea is reported and proven to have lots of benefits in human health many individuals are starting drinking green tea. Before that let us be aware how much caffeine is present in a cup of green tea.

Individuals are usually interested in the health results regarding caffeine.

How much Caffeine in Green TeaCaffeine has become in the health reports for a few years, particularly soon after several deaths happened out of intense overdoses of over-the-counter caffeine pills. A few instances of caffeine toxicity are also documented having huge amounts of predominant coffee in the past.

Lately, reports of caffeine toxicity have increased from overdosing using modern caffeinated energy products as well as caffeinated diet supplements.

Having this sort of advertising, it would be easy in order to ignore in which caffeine coming from herbal plants just like chocolate, mate, some natural herbs, huge amounts of regular teas (Camellia sinensis), as well as reasonable amounts of coffee have tested harmless over many years of individual used.

How much caffeine is in green tea?

Tests for the caffeine content of green tea indicate variations through 7 milligrams to 75 milligrams for every 8 ounces servings.

Almost all experts state that the common will be 15-40 milligrams of caffeine in green tea for every cup.

Is the Caffeine in Green Tea Safe?

Certainly, green tea does have caffeine; however the quantity is rather small. Considering the health benefits on this drink because of the huge antioxidant content, for most people having green tea provides a lot more benefits compared to down sides. Drinking one to two cups daily supplies one's body with a very reasonable dosage of lower than a hundred mg of caffeine. When compared with black tea and coffee, green tea is the healthiest alternative. When there is any issue over caffeine consumption because of being pregnant, breastfeeding or maybe a medical problem, discuss with a medical expert regarding what exactly is best for you.


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codealarm said...

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legend_of_zhen said...

I love green tea! I've started trying to drink it more often, I find it really helps me relax. Usually I like to take an energy "Shot" in the morning to kickstart my day, one brand in particular called Eternal Energy Shot actually has Green Tea extract in it, so I don't feel jittery. I was excited to find that out. Anyways, good article. Seems like theres a lot to be said about Green Tea these days :)

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